SubStars at The Tank 2 Results


Dante Leon defeats Junior Buscape via Inside Heel Hook   

Joao Miyao wins in OT against Marvin Castelle via Sweep 

Nick Rodriguez submits Quentin Rosenzweig via RNC 

Gi - Simonie Lee wins in OT against Giovanna Eburneo via Guard Pass  

Lucas Araujo wins in OT against Alexandre "Pulga" Pimentel via Back Take 

Mauricio Gomez wins in OT against Jake Ferrara via Sweep  

Ricardo Rezende submits Broc Hooten via Triangle 

Danielle Kelly wins in OT against Brittany Way via Take Down 

Nick Rodriguez wins in OT against Roosevelt Sousa via Sweep 

NoGi - Giovanna Eburneo wins in OT against Simonie Lee via Guard Pass  

Enrique March submits Yuri Villefort via Guillotine in OT   

Josh Garcia submits Jim Alers via Inside Heel Hook in OT 

Roosevelt Sousa submits Tyler King via Inside Heel Hook  

Nick Rodriguez submits Michael Caicedo via RNC   

Jackson Matos wins in OT against Renny Gonzalez via Guard Pass  

Rodrigo Francioni wins in OT against Jeff Nies via Sweep  

Leandro Manhael Paes submits Gustavo Togi via Flying Triangle   

Orlando Castillo wins in OT against Adam Ferrara Sweep  

Kalil Nascimento wins in OT against Gustavo Soares via Take Down  

Suraj Budhram wins in OT against Brandon Lim via Take Down  

Moises Robles wins in OT against Hans Castedo-Garcia via Take Down  

Joao Araujo wins in OT against Korey Maguire via Take Down 

Thiago Alves wins against Alex Moran due to injury   

Joaquin Torres submits Uenes Noguiera via Inside Heel Hook  

Anthony Heine submits Reuben Holliman via Triangle   

Felipe Porto submits Matheus Bloemer in OT via Straight Ankle Lock

Sebastian Serpa wins in OT against Mario Fuentes via Sweep

Diane Portwood wins in OT against Sheree Kerns via Sweep  

Gabriel Napolitano wins in OT against Salvador Hernandez via Guard Pass   

Hector Acosta submits Luccas Lira Costa via Knee Bar   

Miguel Asto submits Keanoush Amirizadeh via Knee Reap   

Carlos Andrade submits Jose Leal via Ezekial   

Anthony Molina Valdes submits Cesar Solanzo via Inside Heel Hook   

Jackie Reyes submits Monica Duarte via Arm Bar   

Erik Rodrigues submits Steven Perez via Arm Bar   

Elijah Castanon submits Logan Barrehinas via Arm Triangle Choke    

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