Event Format


  1. Prizes may very with each SubStars event.
  2. The NickyRod Challenge: The Jackpot will start at a total of $1000, $500 to be awarded for a win and an additional $500 for a submission. Every consecutive win Nick has will double the Jackpot. Each event the Jackpot will reset to $1000. If Nick loses the Jackpot will reset to $1000.
  3. Competitors who have won an event become the champions for their weight division. 
  4. Champions earn the right to compete for the Champions Bonus at the next SubStars event. 
  5. Champions eligible for the Champions Bonus are the current Gi or NoGi Champions.
  6. Cash prizes will be awarded to the tournament champions and title defenders. 
    1. The prizes shall be awarded according to the results proclaimed by the referees.

Match Duration

  1. The time limit for each match except for the main event will be 6 minutes with three 2-minute overtime rounds.
  2. The Main event match will be 10 minutes with unlimited 2-minute overtime rounds until a competitor is scored upon or submitted. 
  3. Overtime rounds are 2 minute in duration and will repeat with 10 second intervals until a competitor is scored upon. 
  4. Tag Team matches will consist of one 10 minute submission only round and two 2-minute first to score overtime rounds.


  1. All SubStars events are pre-registration only. Pre-registration will close 2 days prior to the event at 11:59pm at night (Example: An event on a Sunday will close registration the previous Friday at 11:59pm.). 
  2. Registering will only be complete once payment has been accepted. There will be no payment accepted the day of the event, except from spectators.
  3. Competitors must sign a liability waiver before competing at any SubStars event. 

Illegal Techniques

  1. Any form of, but not limited to, striking, fish-hooking, eye gouging, biting, scratching, and spitting is strictly forbidden. It will be up to the discretion of the referee or any SubStars official to disqualify a competitor for any used technique they deem illegal. 
  2. Slams
  3. Scissor Take downs
  4. Spinal Locks


  1. Submission Only. No points will be displayed during the match during Submission Only regulation time. 
  2. A match will be deemed over immediately if a competitor taps out, screams, or verbally gives up during the match.
  3. Overtime Rounds: If the match time runs out without a competitor submitting, then a winner will be decided by the competitor who scores first in three 2 minute overtime rounds with 10 seconds rest in between rounds.
  4. Main event over time rounds will be continuous until one competitor scores or submits their opponent.
  5. If the competitors go out of bounds in a controlled position held for at least three seconds the referee will restart them in the center in the same position. It will be up to the referee's discretion to restart the compeitors standing.  
  6. If either competitor holds the same position for longer than 20 seconds then the referee will restart the competitors standing. 
  7. When standing, if competitors do not engage for a take down or to pull guard within 20 seconds then they will be faulted with a penalty.
  8. If a competitor is backing away or running away from their opponent they will be faulted with a penalty.
  9. After two penalties the competitor will be disqualified. 

Tag Team Rules

  1. Teams must consist of one competitor below 175 lbs and the other Above 175 lbs (or both competitors below 175 lbs) for Male and Above and Below 135 lbs for Female
  2. Matches will start with lower weight team members
  3. Male and Female Divisions
  4. One Tag (Hand Slap) per Match
  5. Team member must be on their knees to slap in
  6. Continuous action during transition of hand slap
  7. 10 minute Submission Only Matches
  8. Score a point with a submission
  9. Once a competitor is submitted their partner enters the mat to finish off the 10 minute round
  10. Two 2-minute First to Score Overtime Rounds, opponents are paired according to weight

Over Time Rounds

Gi & NoGi Uniform

  1. Over time rounds are 2-minutes in duration with 10 seconds rest in between OT rounds
  2. Points are scored for takedowns, sweeps, knee on belly, guard passes, back takes, and mount. 
  3. A submission in overtime rounds will count as a win by submission. 
  4. 10 second rest periods in between overtime rounds.
  5. All positions must be held and controlled for 3 seconds.
  6. Once the match goes to overtime rounds, competitors are allowed one guard pull per OT round 
  7. If a competitor pulls guard without maintaining contact they will be faulted with a penalty. 
  8. After two penalties the competitor will be disqualified from that round.
  9. Penalties DO NOT reset with each Overtime round. 


Gi & NoGi Uniform

  1. The Gis will not be checked or measured before the tournament, but SubStars officials have the right to ask a competitor to change his/her Gi if they judge it is inappropriate. 
  2. Competitors may wear a rash guard under their Gi. Competitors may not select to wear a shirt under their Gi instead. 
  3. For NoGi divisions, athletes must wear shorts without pockets, attached metal, or plastic of any kind that may hurt the opponent. 
  4. Use of any foot gear, head gear, hair pins, jewelry, or any other protector fashioned of hard material that may cause harm to an opponent or the athlete him/herself is prohibited.
  5. The use of joint protectors (knee, elbow braces, etc.) that increase body volume to the point of making it harder for an opponent to grip the Gi are also prohibited. 


  1. Competitors' finger and toe nails must be trimmed and short. SubStars officials have the right to ask a competitor to trim their nails if they judge it to be a hazard to other competitors or face disqualification.
  2. Long hair should be tied up so as not to cause opponents any discomfort.
  3. Athletes will be disqualified if they are wearing hair dye or makeup that stains their opponent’s Gi or the mat surface during a match.
  4. Athletes presenting skin lesions or any other skin condition shall be directed to the tournament medical staff. Under any circumstances, the medical staff has the final say on whether to allow a competitor to compete or not.

Weigh-Ins and Authorized Apparel

  1. All competitors  weigh-in without their Gi.
  2. You must check-in and weigh-in anytime before you scheduled start time.
  3. If an athlete does not make weight on their first attempt, they have 30 minutes to attempt to make weight.
  4. Athletes who fail to make weight during the designated period will be disqualified and will not be moved up to another weight division. Athletes who are disqualified will not be eligible for a refund. It is the athlete’s responsibility to make the weight class they signed up for.