Exclusive and Entertaining

SubStars™ hosts Jiu-Jitsu tournaments designed for the competitor and spectator. Blending a show with elite grappling, be prepared to feel as though you're part of a live action movie!

Past Events

SubStars Tag Team Tournament Veterans Day Marine Corp at The Hangar Miami Revolution 935 Mission 22
SubStars at The Tank 2
SubStars NickyRod Challenge featuring Nick Rodriguez photo credit: Jamie Sims

The NickyRod Challenge

SubStars Gi Event at The Tank Brewery
SubStars The Art showcasing the art of Jiu-Jitsu
SubStars Veterans Days Open Mat
SubStars Nogi Advanced hosted by Legacy Fit
SubStars NoGi Trials
SubStars Absolute Trials Jose Marti Gym Miami Florida Jiu Jitsu Tournament